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The first English-Tai Dictionary ever.

Download below for windows. Make sure you installed "PangLong" font on your computer.

TaiDic on Android

Our TaiDic android app is developed by Sai Tun Kyaw. TaiDic also working on Goldendict app and Color Dictionary app which is available free on Play Store. ၸၢႆးထူၼ်းၵျေႃႇ ႁဝ်းၶႃႈ ႁဵတ်းဝႆႉပၼ်ဝႆႉမီးၼိူဝ် PalyStore. ဢမ်ႇၼၼ်ၸႂ်ႉတိုဝ်းၸွမ်း App Color Dictionary လႄႈ Goldendict ၶႃႈ။